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News Update

Truck Operators In Nepal Demand Restriction On Entry Of Indian Vehicles

Truck operators in Nepal have demanded a restriction on entry of Indian cargo vehicles’, as this may promote unhealthy competition on domestic cargo businesses.

Addressing a press conference, Federation of Truck Transport Entrepreneurs Nepal (FTTEN) General Secretary, Rajendra Bikram Baniya said that while Indian trucks enjoy free entry into Nepal, their vehicles face various challenges when operating in India.

Demanding that the Nepal government put a ban on Indian cargo vehicles, the FTTEN argued that the uncontrolled entry of such trucks from the neighbouring country is adversely affecting the operations of domestic cargo vehicles.

Alongside the call for a ban on Indian cargo vehicles, FTTEN also called for improved management of truck parking facilities at key locations, including the capital city, Kathmandu.

General Secretary Baniya underscored the need for implementing the truck fare rates established by the federation and urged for their effective monitoring.

Additionally, the FTTEN pressed for adherence to fixed fare rates for 47 primary routes in the truck transport sector.