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Proper documentation is crucial for smooth transit of goods, and NYC Cargo understands this importance. We verify and maintain all required documents to ensure that consignments are not delayed due to document-related issues. Our documents are fully computerized and we proactively provide the necessary documents for importing and exporting. By managing documents effectively, we eliminate 90% of the hassle in operations.

The procedure for exporting commercial goods with NYC Cargo is as follows:

  • The customers or suppliers must complete the Information Form and other documentation for preparing the shipment.
  • NYC Cargo will then assign a unique NYC.REF NO (New York Cargo reference No.) and S.B.NO (Shipment Booking No.).
  • The process of completing the documentation and assigning reference numbers typically takes 15-20 minutes.

It’s important for customers to have all the required documents ready before exporting goods to avoid any delay. NYC Cargo is here to assist you and guide you through the process.

NYC Cargo has certain procedures for customers who are exporting commercial goods.

  • A copy of the customer’s passport or citizenship must be filed with the shipping documents.
  • If a customer wants to use NYC Cargo (New York Traders and Exporters) as the shipper, then a traveler’s cheque or foreign currency must be deposited into our account, equivalent to the purchase price of the intended goods. Once an advance payment certificate from the bank is provided, the customer will be provided Nepalese rupees to commence their buying. This procedure is obligatory for export. Customers can either pay their suppliers directly or NYC Cargo can pay them on their behalf.
  • If a customer wants to be the shipper, they must be present along with their passport while clearing Nepalese customs and must provide NYC Cargo with the foreign currency exchange receipt from the bank, which should be equivalent to the goods they have purchased.
  • In order to pick up goods, customers must fill out a Pick-up Form provided by NYC Cargo and must inform us at least 24 hours in advance. NYC Cargo will pick up the goods from the supplier’s shop, factory, warehouse, or hotel. Deliveries from outside addresses will not be accepted.
  • If NYC Cargo (New York Traders and Exporters) is the shipper, NYC Cargo must do all the packing of the customer’s goods in our warehouse.
  • We will only accept goods that are accompanied by a supplier’s bill with the supplier’s name, company name, address, customer’s name, and that is duly stamped by the supplier. If a customer has no bill for the goods they have purchased from different suppliers, then they have to fill the Invoice provided by NYC Cargo.
  • Customers are required to inform us of fragile items as they may require special attention/packaging.
  • Handling charges for the goods depend on the types of goods and the customer’s packaging requirements. It is important for customers to follow these procedures and provide all the required information and documents to NYC Cargo to avoid any delays or additional charges while exporting commercial goods.

When exporting commercial goods from Nepal, there are several documents that are required for export clearance. These include:

  1. Custom Declaration Form
  2. Invoice
  3. Packing List
  4. Certificate of origin
  5. GSP certificate (if applicable)
  6. Foreign Exchange declaration Form of Nepal Rastra Bank
  7. Copy of letter of credit or advance payment statement received from the bank
  8. Copy of Firm/Company Registration Certificate
  9. Copy of Income Tax Registration Certificate or VAT Registration
  10. Airway Bill
  11. Letter of authority to clear the consignment

For export to a third country by sea or land, all of the above documents are required, with the exception of number 9, and additional documents are also required:

  • Transport manifesto, one copy per truck (for sea cargo)
  • Custom transit declarations (for sea cargo)
  • Transit declaration invoice for goods in transit via India/Bangladesh to third country destination (for sea cargo).

It’s important for customers to provide all the required documents to NYC Cargo to avoid any delays or additional charges while exporting commercial goods. NYC Cargo is here to assist you and guide you through the process.