Services We Provide


NYC Cargo understands that customers may not have the time to visit our office in Nepal, so we also provide the option for customers to make their order by fax or email. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so:

  • Details of the item of your order with price and the name of the vendor/manufacturer/shop.
  • An estimated delivery date and day on which you expect us to ship your goods (also indicate how urgent your order is).
  • Your name, company name, full address, telephone/fax/email and the name of the nearest international airport. Please specify your custom broker if any.
  • Once the order is confirmed in writing and the delivery date is set, 50% of the cost of goods must be sent. The remaining 50% plus our handling charge (which depends on the types of goods and total invoice value) must be paid within one week prior to the shipment date.
  • Freight charges: we can either arrange pre-paid freight or freight collect. In the pre-paid arrangement, we will pay the freight and charge you later. In the freight collect arrangement, you will have to pay directly to the airlines when collecting your consignments.
  • The quality and specification of your goods must be agreed between you and the supplier. NYC Cargo will not be responsible for quality issues. However, we can arrange for a local party which will act as your professional QC on your behalf. If you are interested in the QC service, please write to us.

It is important for customers to provide accurate and complete information and follow the instructions, to avoid any delays or additional charges.