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Export Rules & Regulations

Nepal Trade Information Portal contains rich database of the rules, regulations, procedures, and measures for exporting commodities from Nepal. The depository also contains all the required forms and documents. Major rules and procedures for imports are listed in this page. You can search for the specific document, procedure, or forms here.  However, export rules are more dependent on destination countries and can vary a lot, thus, to explore the rules and regulations of the specific countries you can use the market intelligence tool offered by different organizations and countries. Click here to learn more.

Primary documents required to export from Nepal


Registering a manufacturing company or trading firm

Obtaining Permanent Account Number

Registering for VAT

Obtaining Exim Code

Obtaining Certificate of Origin

Obtaining GSP Certificate

Exporting plant products

Application for Phytosanitary Certificate

Application for permit to export seeds

Obtaining Quarantine Certificate


Exporting animal products

Obtaining Quarantine Certificate

Recommendation relating to export of animals

Terms to be abided by while exporting animal products


Exporting Forest Products/Herbs

Obtaining license to export forest products

Markings to be affixed to export forest products

Obtaining license to collect, sell and distribute of herbs

Obtaining permit to sale and distribute other forest products


Exporting Edible Products

Labelling on container of packed food

Mandatory labelling requirement on edible items

Criteria to be followed while labelling edible items

Writing edible item’s name on packages

Getting approval for labels of edible items

Mentioning edible items that could cause allergy

Mentioning the weight or volume of food products

Mentioning lot number and batch number in packaged food items container label

Mentioning manufacturing date of food items and expiry date

Mentioning the directions of using food items

Language on food item labels

Mentioning name and address of the manufacturer or the sub manufacturer

Indicating if food items are Vegetarian and non-vegetarian


Exporting pharmaceutical products

Obtaining permit to export drug


Exporting pharmaceutical products

Registration of Trademark

Registration of Patent

Renewal of Patent

Renewal of Trademark