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Special Permission For Accepting Goods

The following are the list of items that require special written permission from concerned government departments before export in Nepal. These items include:

  • Department of Archaeology: any bronze, brass, copper or silver statue, any Thanka paintings, illustrated manuscripts, wooden masks or woodcarvings and other carved goods.
  • Department of Veterinary Science: the meat, skin or flesh (dried or otherwise) of wild or domestic animals.
  • Department of National Parks & Wildlife: skulls, horns, tails, hooves or other body parts of domestic animals.
  • Quarantine Department: plants, flowers.
  • Mine Department: stones (rocks).
  • Department of Forest: incense powder, rudrakshi beads.
  • Plant Resource Department: Ayurvedic/herbal oil/marc/extracts/crude. It is important to note that these regulations may change over time and it is always recommended to check with the relevant authorities and/or the embassy of the country of destination before exporting these items.